ATOMICA is a contained science fiction film from award winning British director and animator Christian Debney. 

It’s too early to share too much about this project, except to say that it’s been 3 years in the making, it’s set in the near future and will shoot in late 2016. Christian’s last role saw him working with Danny Boyle as a director of animation for the London Olympic Games. He has run animation studios and directed music clips for Simple Minds, Foo Fighters, The Music and Coldplay. This will be his follow up project with producers Jamie Hilton and Josh Pomeranz after his award winning short, GOOD LUCK JEFFREY BROWN

Writer: Rebecca Johnstone

Producers: Jamie Hilton and Josh Pomeranz

Story: Christian Debney, Jamie Hilton and Nico Lathouris (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD)

Executive Producer: Jim Hart (CONTACT, HOOK)